Customers Upset With Countertops

When Karla Cady and Margie Zyck saw a newspaper ad selling Corian kitchen countertops - they immediately place an order

"It's a good deal," recalled the women.
Or - so they thought.

In April - Karla paid the Louisville-based company nearly $2,700 for materials and installation. In May - Margie handed over nearly the same amount for her countertops.

Installers failed to fix a large seam and put in splash guards at Karla's home. As for Margie - none thing was done.

After months of getting the runaround - they called FOX 19. "Get ripped off call, Tom," explained Karla. "I didn't know where to go.">

First we called Nathan Yahraus at his home in Louisville. Yahraus - who sells the Corian and runs the ad in several Tri-State newspapers - immediately got back with FOX 10 Consumer Reporter Tom Sussi, and promised that his installers would finish the work.

"Consider it taken care of. I'm not looking for any trouble that's for sure," Yahraus told Sussi during a telephone interview.

On Monday - Mike Mueller - the installer who wouldn't return his customers phone calls - started on Margie's countertops.

"So everything will be taken care of," asks Sussi. "The last piece is on the horse ready to be cut," said Mueller.

And - this weekend - Mueller promises he'll finish Karla's countertops. "You'll be done Saturday," Sussi asked Mueller, who shook his head, yes.

Karla says the work isn't bad - but the service stunk and she'll never use these guys again.

Margie's countertops don't match. The splash guards are sloppy and she plans on hiring professionals to fix it.

Now - she wishes she never answer the ad. "That call cost me more aggravation," she said.

Sussi also found out that Mike Mueller has been sued for shoddy and incomplete work - and did prison time for forgery and receiving stolen property.