Cincinnati police towing cars with unpaid parking tickets

CAMP WASHINGTON, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati police are sending a strong message to drivers with outstanding parking tickets: they will tow your car.

Starting Wednesday morning, police officers from all five districts started scanning license plates for people with two or more unpaid tickets.

"We have several people with more than seven, more than ten," says Lt. Chris Matzen.

Police cruisers are equipped with three cameras that can scan license plates as an officer is driving by and any violations will pop up on the computer right next to the officer.

"We're not pinpointing people, we're not singling out people, again this gives them the opportunity to take care of those delinquent parking tickets," says officer Kevin Brown.

Brown says he enjoys doing these types of sweeps and the technology helps streamline the process.

Anyone with one unpaid parking ticket will not be bothered by the police sweep but if your car is towed, you will have to not only cover the cost of the unpaid fines but also the tow and the cost of storing your car at the impound lot on Spring Grove Ave.

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