Residents stunned at damage in Greensburg

Wednesday afternoon's storms caused significant damage to the Decatur County town of Greensburg.

Major damage was done to a park at the city. Playground equipment was blown over and twisted, and a pavilion at the park was destroyed. Power lines were down throughout the park.

Throughout the town, there were trees on train tracks, storage units where the doors were pushed out, and live wires exposed. Churches, restaurants and gas stations were all damaged during the storm. There wasn't a single street that did not sustain some sort of damage.

The Village Mobile Trailer Park experienced a lot of damage. Almost every single mobile home in the park had some sort of damage, with siding being pulled ripped off of homes and roofs also being pulled off.

Jim Laframboise, a resident of the trailer park showed FOX19's Sara Celi some of the hail found at the park, some of it almost as large as a softball.

The family of resident Adner Crus lives in one of the most damaged mobile homes. He describes hearing the storm, "It was pretty bad. It sounded like...the roof was just about to fall off."

People across the area had never seen anything like what happened Wednesday night, but Lafrimboise says that this is something that residents of the Trailer Park know how to get through.

"We all just band together and help each other out and do what we can."

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