Obama mocks toast blooper

LONDON (AP) - A musical miscue cut into his toast to Queen Elizabeth II but President Barack Obama didn't miss a beat.

The president had just raised his glass and had begun offering a toast at a lavish state dinner at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday night when the band, apparently thinking he was through, struck up "God Save the Queen" a tad too soon.

Without missing a beat, Obama kept talking over the music. He praised the relationship between the U.S. and Britain and even quoted Shakespeare.

On Wednesday, he made light of the situation. Obama told Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg as they settled in for a meeting that the band effectively provided a soundtrack for his closing passage.

"It was like out of the movies, where the sound effect kind of comes in," Obama said.

Clegg, who was a guest at the dinner, told Obama the music had added "a crescendo" to his words.

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