Roof blows off Liberty Twp home during Tornado


The home the Hawkins family has lived in for nearly 11 years was destroyed within seconds.
"It was unbelievable, unbelievable," said homeowner Brad Hawkins. "All of a sudden I just heard my daughter screaming, came down the front steps and that's when I met them, and noticed all of the insulation had fallen down into the hallway and then I looked up and saw that there was no roof."

Their roof is now in his neighbor's backyard more than a block a way, Hawkins, his wife and two of his three children were all at home when the confirmed tornado ripped through their Liberty Township home without any warning.

"It  happened so quickly, this was just boom, it's over, and then I'm just looking at the devastation, so we're very thankful that everything is okay," Hawkins said.

"I heard a loud noise, I mean it was loud," said neighbor Kelvin Scott.

The loud sound was Scott's car flipping over in his driveway; Scott lives right across the street from the Hawkins family, and says he and his wife and mother in law quickly took cover as they heard the storms approaching. 
"I jumped out of the bed and I just told everyone to go to the basement, it lasted maybe about a minute, not even that

Oddly some homes were seemingly untouched,  Butler County Emergency Management Director Jeff Galloway says this storm was sporadic in where it hit.

"This storm hopped and skipped across the county, did some damage and went back up the county and landed again, so is wasn't a consistent tornado where it stayed on the ground for miles, it just kind of hopped and skipped through the county," said Galloway.