Campus jobs that can help boost your post-graduation resume

(FOX19) - Many college grads across the Tri-State find themselves with the same dilemma after getting their degree. They've got a Bachelor's but no work experience to boost their resume. But there's plenty of opportunities to jump start your job experience while on campus.

A campus tour guide carries a considerable responsibility to create a memorable first impression of the university for incoming students. It can also help students develop their public speaking skills.

"It's really great to walk students around the campus, and pretty much point things out that you love about the university," says Melissa Woodrick, a campus tour guide for the University of Cincinnati.

While being a tour guide is a volunteer position, Woodrick says the experience is priceless.

"It's easier for employers to see your level of passion and commitment for the University."

Aaron Renner gets every day work experience as the go to it guy on the Hamilton campus of Miami University. Renner is a Computer Science major, and says learning how to troubleshoot computer problems on a daily basis puts him ahead of the game when it comes to interacting with users and pinpointing their computer problems.

"A lot of businesses ask for 2 to 3 years experience, when they're hiring, and I've been doing this for three years now, so there's a lot of the experience," says Renner.

Renner works for the university part-time during the year and full-time during the summer. He hopes to turn the student job into a professional position after graduation.

Working at an office call center for a university can also be good work experience. Abby Custer credits her job working at Miami University's Alumni Office Call Center with getting her a job after college. She says the cold calling experience, which involved asking alumni for donations to the school, helped to boost her resume with work experience.

"Jobs are so competitive these days, so if you have something that can really set yourself apart, from other students, especially in terms of getting in contact with alumni and doing something professional for your school, I recommend it for everybody, I'm a huge recruiter for the call center," said Custer.

She also says that working at the call center is one of the best paying jobs on campus for students.

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