Traveling Vietnam Memorial at Spring Grove Cemetery

Our cameras caught Jim Englehardt taking a photo of some of the names on the traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall this weekend at Spring Grove Cemetery. They were the names of people who once touched his life.

"A couple of my friends are on the wall--two guys I was in a squadron with and one guy. This guy right here, I went to high school with," says Englehardt.

For Jim, visiting the traveling Vietnam memorial made so much sense on this Memorial Day weekend. It helped him look back on the memories, and remember how he served.

"I'm proud of it, and I like to come down here, this is neat that they do this, it really is. We shouldn't forget what happened here,"says Englehardt.

Spring Grove officials decided to include the wall as part of a weekend of events devoted to pointing out the service so many have made for our freedom. Even though this traveling memorial is an 80 percent replica, it contains all 58,253 names and is current through 2009. It came here as part of the American Veterans Traveling Tribute.

"Memorial day is all about remembering--remembering the sacrifice, and remembering the service, so it was good to be here," said retired Col. Karen Jiles.

The wall's visit has been so successful, there's hope to do it again.

The will will remain open to the public until 8 p.m. Monday. The cemetary is looking for volunteers to help take down the wall at 8 a.m. Tuesday. If you are interested in helping, please call Whitney Huang at 513-853-6877.

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