Former officer launches designated driver service

WARREN COUNTY, OH ( FOX19) -  Randy Ryan has spent the majority of his Memorial Day weekend behind the wheel, offering a sober solution for impaired drivers. 
"It's been pretty busy, I've had calls all the way until 4:00 in the morning," Ryan said.
He's become the designated driver for dozens in and around Warren and Butler counties.
"I've actually dropped one gentlemen off that, he didn't realize he was in the car," Ryan said.
Mixing responsibility with revenue, the former police officer has launched "Take Me Home 2night" a service proving a safe ride home for someone who's intoxicated.
"We'll get some information from you real quick, where you're at, where your destination is, and how many people, and it's basically a flat rate, $25 for up to 4 people, out 5 miles " Ryan said.
The main difference between the service and calling a cab is the luxury cars, and the trendy take on transportation.
"Most of my clients are just those that are trying to be responsible," Ryan said.
An ex-officer in Warren County for three years, Ryan has seen the damage that drinking and driving can cause first hand, now instead of policing he's trying to be proactive.
"To help people have a good time, as well as get them home safe," Ryan said.
Local bars like Eli's in Mason are already referring patrons, who've had to much to drink.
"He comes, he comes very quickly, and it's a great way to get people who probably shouldn't be in public any longer home safely without putting anyone else in harms way," said Bartender Molly Buns.
If you get sick in one of their luxury vehicles, be prepared to pay a $125 dollar bodily fluid cleaning  fee.
If you need a designated driver you can call 1800-647-9610 or text PICKMEUP to 513-678-1226
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