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Cincinnatians say they won't stop using cell phones, despite health risks


Kenneth Wright admits he's married to his Blackberry phone. It even interrupted our sit down interview.

"Of course, like everyone just started texting me," he says.

This event planner estimates he's using or on the phone six hours a day.

"I can't turn it off at night, I can't turn it off on vacation. I constantly have to be connected at all times," says Wright.

Thus, the World Health Organization's admonishments about cell phones causing cancer don't ring well with Ken.

"I still have to use it constantly, so even if it does, it's a necessary evil I guess. It's just the chance you have to take to stay you know, beyond the pack if you will in this daily grind we have to be in life," says Wright.

At a coffee shop in Clifton, he's not the only one who feels like that.

"It seems like other organizations have said that before, and I'm always skeptical of the latest health news anyway, so it probably won't change my habit's at all," says UC student Ryan Thomas.

Ken says it won't change his either. He's addicted, and his phone has a permanent place beside him--especially when the little device rings.

"I have to grab it immediately. It's kind of like the panic button. You have a countdown and then I know exactly how quick I have to get to it before it stops," says Wright.

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