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More Hair Crimes May Be Linked To Suspect 1-06-2010

A man charged in the hair-cutting of a woman on a TriMet bus may be to blame for several other crimes, deputies said Tuesday.
Jared Walter is a person of interest in a hair glue incident that occurred last spring at a Fred Meyer store on McLoughlin Boulevard, according to the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office.
Eight incidents involving female victims are under investigation in Clackamas County, said Detective Jim Strovink.
Debbie Smith said someone applied super glue to her hair while she was shopping. Unable to wash it out, she was forced to cut off a large chunk of her hair.
"It's my body. If you walked up and cut off somebody's finger, what would happen to you? If I didn't want my hair, I would have cut it off myself," Smith said.
Deputies said Walter is a person of interest in two other hair gluing episodes, including one at a local library.
"You feel assaulted," Smith said of the incident. "Somebody took something away from you and it didn't belong to them."
Earlier this week, Walter pleaded not guilty to all charges, including robbery, that stemmed from the TriMet bus incident.
Aside from hair crime, deputies said, Walter is also a person of interest in two Clackamas County burglaries.
Walter has developed a criminal history, according to court documents from Texas, where he was charged with burglary, evading arrest, criminal mischief and assault.
Smith said she doesn't know if Walter put glue in her hair, but she hopes for an arrest soon so she may have the incident resolved.
"That would put an end to it and there would be somebody accountable," she said.

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