NFL teams, including Bengals, face financial reality of lockout

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The National Football League lockout has reached its 84th day and now clubs are facing a scary financial reality.

It has gotten so bad that some teams have instituted furloughs for employees, pay and hiring freezes and in some cases even layoffs. The Arizona Cardinals, New York Jets and Green Bay Packers are the latest teams to make headlines because of cost cutting measures.

In Cincinnati, the lockout has provided its share of Bengal news with Carson Palmer saying he's not coming back and even selling his home. Chad Ochocinco tried out for a soccer team and even rode a bull. However, players and the front office haven't said much since day one of the lockout back in March.

When asked about what other teams are doing to save money during this stoppage and what the Bengals are doing, again silence was delivered.

"We have no comment, this is an internal matter," said Jack Brennan of the Cincinnati Bengals.

However, if you go to you can find a question and answer session with President Mike Brown from the first day of the lockout on March 12. The posting highlights several aspects of the lockout and even addresses layoffs for employees.  At that point, Brown said his franchise has savings and is prepared for a stoppage.

"Our franchise has built up a considerable reserve," said Brown. "We have not paid one dime to our shareholders since we've operated in Paul Brown Stadium beyond what was necessary to pay taxes."

Brown is no stranger to league work stoppages. Over 40 years ago he was a part of the AFL-NFL merger discussions that produced a similar break.  He says the club, despite this lockout, is OK financially.

"We've had concerns for a long time that we could get to where we are now and we are prepared for it," said Brown.

In that same post on, Brown made it clear that he will take care of his people and jobs are safe.

"We have no plans to make our employees carry this burden unduly," said Brown. "They will be asked to do something but we are going to keep our people under hire and support them."

Right now it's still unclear what that "something" is, but the Bengals have not announced cuts or furloughs.

"We have an obligation to our people and we are not going to ask them to carry an unfair burden," said Brown.

For a look at the full Q and A with Mike Brown, CLICK HERE.

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