Officials urge safety along the river

Days after two recent deaths along local rivers, officials are urging safety for the rest of the summer.
"No one should be on a high river, even if they think it's going to be more fun," said Dirk Morgan, of Morgan's Outdoor Adventures.
Morgan says there are several do's and don't for canoeing and kayaking that families need to know before going out the river.
"We only run river when they're within safe parameters, levels that we know from running this river over 40 years," Morgan said.
Morgan says right now the Little Miami river where they run canoes are at safe levels, he says they also try remove trees or debris that might be obstruct the waterway,so what should you do if you come across an object that's in your way?
"Just back paddle and you slow yourself down, canoes are very stable by nature, it's people that are in them that make the canoes unstable," Morgan said.
The most important tip is to make sure your life jacket fitS properly and is safely secured.
"When you put your life jacket on, put your finger underneath, it should not come up past your ears, " Morgan said.
Morgan's doesn't allow children under three to go canoeing or kayaking, but says young children need a special life jacket.
"And that jacket is going to have a strap that actually goes between your legs and then fastens, so that there's no way a child could possibly slip out of a life jacket like this," said Morgan as he displayed a proper life jacket for young children.
Morgan also recommends keeping canoe trips short when you're with young children.

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