Tri-State Builder Stiffs Sub-Contractors

A few weeks ago - when we asked Northern Kentucky Builder Chris Moeves why several sub-contractors weren't being paid - he blamed it on the bank.

"Tom, I don't know. I told you to call Guardian Savings Bank," he told FOX 19 Consumer Reporter Tom Sussi.

Since then - FOX 19 uncovered more information, and gave Moeves another chance to explain.

"What's going on here," Sussi asks Moeves. "Why aren't you paying your sub-contractors?"

Here's what we know:

Guardian Savings Bank is with-holding draws on its construction loan because - we're told - Chris Moeves isn't paying his bills.

Over the past several months - the bank gave Moeves $80,000. Henry Contractors was supposed to get 12-thousand. Brick layer Neil Schmidt 10-thousand and Cox Drywall 8-thousand. None of them were paid.

On top of that - Moeves filed a bogus affidavit with the bank - stating Henry Contractors was paid.

"I think Mr. Moeves should be prosecuted," said Teresa Heidlage of Henry Contractors. "What he has done is fraud."

"Why don't you give me some straight answer," Sussi asks Moeves. "Did you file a false affidavit with the bank? True or false? No - i did not," says Moeves.

Days after that interview - Moeves met with FOX 19 at his lawyer's office - and admitted that he's hurting financially and used some of the construction money for other bills. He also admitted that he filed a phony affidavit.

"There's certain things that happened that I wish I would have done a different way," said Moeves." But I didn't."

Smack in the middle of this mess: The family building the home. Two businesses have filed liens on the house, which means - in the end - the owner is responsible to pay all outstanding bills. Construction on the house started nearly a year ago!

Meantime, Moeves and his lawyers are trying to get the bank to issue the other draws so those sub-contractors can get their money, and the house completed.