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PNC Summer Music Series kicks-off at Fountain Square

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Friday, June 3rd was the first night of the PNC Summer Concert Series and the weather could not have been better.

Great music for four hours, from 7-11pm.

Nearly every night of the week this summer, you've got a different reason to get your groove-on at Fountain Square.

"Any kind of music you like we got it here for sure," said Dan Hostiuck, Senior AV Tech with Fountain Square Management.

There is music six nights a week.

Fridays, it's Alternative and Indie Rock, part of the MidPointe Music Festival, which is in September, but why wait til then, when you can get it every Friday night.

"We've got new sound system, great sounding system," Hostiuck said. "You can hear it clear across the Square. We got new lighting in, so we can put on a lighting show with our concerts."

There is also the new P&G-sponsored stage.

"It's a lot bigger and better," Hostiuck said."All-around great!"

It will be a permanent fixture on the Square until Christmas.

"It'll come down for the ice rink, when the ice rink goes in, but there's actually concrete blocks that have been poured into the square to help pin it in and keep it from going anywhere," he said.

So, whether you parked it on your bike or grabbed a front row seat, no bad weather in sight to spoil a terrific night out. But just in case, they're prepared.

"And we actually have a wind meter," Hostiuck said, pointing to the stage. "So, if we think the wind's going to get up to too high of a speed, we'll actually shut-down the show, drop the roof down and wait til the weather clears up."

And then we met Yusef Quotah and Kevin Bayer of the band, "You, You're Awesome", on the eve of their new CD release party.

So, how do you get a bunch of friends to come hear your band?

"Ummmm, lots of facebooking," Bayer laughed.

The band employs all sorts of electronic sounds, and much of it from the 70's and 80's, to craft their unique, fun sound.

"We are a two-man show, just drums and keyboards and other weird stuff," Quotah said. We heard a vocoder happening and their voices changing several times. "Yes," he said. "There is a vocoder, I also use an Atari, Nintendo DS, anything that makes noise, I'll use it." We joked that sounded super-techno-geeky. "A little bit yeah," Quotah laughed. "But we try to put a little bit of pop flair, pop sensibility into what we do, you know?"

The only night the Square takes off from music, is Sunday night when it's movie night.

There is something fun for you to do pretty much seven nights a week on Fountain Square.

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