Clermont County Sheriff's Office gets new 4-legged weapon

Deputy Adam Bailey and Mox
Deputy Adam Bailey and Mox

BATAVIA, OH (FOX19) - The Clermont County Sheriff's Office has a new team member, but with four legs. Mox is a black, 2-year-old German shepherd from Holland.

He is Deputy Adam Bailey's constant companion on and off the job. "He is one of the most visible tools we have. He is very good at what he does," said Deputy Bailey, adding that Mox is invaluable when searching for criminals, missing individuals, or sniffing out illegal drugs.

On a training day in May, Deputy Bailey and Mox worked with a fellow officer wearing a thick decoy suit. The decoy repeatedly refuses to stop when ordered to do so, and Mox is given the command to subdue the decoy. The muscular animal takes only seconds to latch onto the decoy's arm and quickly knocks him to the ground, refusing to release his prey until Deputy Bailey tells him to. "This dog is incredible," he said. "I am privileged to have him as my partner. I know that Mox will fight to his death to protect me in my law enforcement duties."

This is the second police dog that Deputy Bailey has worked with during his 13-year career with the Clermont County Sheriff's Office. "I love working with dogs," he said. "This is the best job ever; I love it." Deputy Bailey said that he hopes to have a four-legged partner throughout his career.

When you see Deputy Bailey and Mox on patrol, don't attempt to pet the dog. "These are working dogs, and should not be viewed as a pet," said Bailey. "I have two children at home and they understand that when Mox is with me, they don't come up on him suddenly. Mox has a job to do; he is always on alert to protect me and the community."

Deputy Bailey said that after a two-month intensive training program with Mox, the duo will build on their teamwork during weekly four-hour sessions.

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