Hamilton County property values up for debate

Anderson Township was first on the alphabetical list for the auditor's office. A series of meetings on property values in that neighborhood began Monday at 11AM.  This section of Cincinnati known for beautiful homes, had more than one person wondering about the changes to their property value.

"There has been some controversy about so called drive by evaluations, but it's nice to see that there is at least a re-evaluation to comport with economic reality," says Anderson Township Resident Courtney Laginess.

Auditor reps met with about 150 people during an eight hour period Monday. Each meeting took about ten minutes.

"They know more about their property than we do. They own their property, they live there, they can tell us more about the property than what we know by looking on the outside or driving by or whatever we have to do,"says auditor rep Brad Bookheimer.

Now, if you think all property values in Hamilton County have likely gone down,  you're wrong. One man told FOX19 he had a different story.

"I expected it to either stay the same or go down, and mine went up, so that's why I'm here,' says Neil Zerhusen.

But he wouldn't get a definitive answer as to why at this meeting. These hearings are mostly about contesting the value.The auditor's office will make a final decision on each property's value later this fall.

To see when your neighborhood is due for a meeting, click here.

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