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Constituents question Boehner on spending cuts

Speaker of the house and West Chester native Rep. John Boehner (R) made a trip to Butler County Tuesday afternoon, speaking to constituents at the Middletown Senior Center during a rotary club meeting.
He sat down for lunch with constituents before addressing them about the GOP plan for America's job creators.
"I've told the president that we will not increase the debt limit, without serious changes to the way we spend the American people's money, and real cuts," Boehner said.
Constituents want to know where the spending cuts are.
"If we don't get these spending cuts, we're going to be in dire straits," said Will Arledge of Farifield.
When Speaker Boehner took questions from the crowd, Arledge asked Speaker Boehner how he plans on protecting Americans to get the spending cuts that they need.
"We're not going to raise taxes on the very people we expect to invest in our economy and to create jobs," Boehner said.
"It's more of a political answer," Arledge said.
Arledge was expecting a more direct answer to his question, but says he recognizes the Speaker has a tough job on his hands, and he's still confident that stricter budget reforms and spending cuts are coming.
"We just need to get Washington to clean it's act up and cut the spending, I have faith in him, I have hope in him and I think that he can get it done" Arledge said.
Others who heard Boehner could appreciate his common sense answers to difficult questions.
"It's like a budget, you make so much money and you get to spend so much money, so the logic is you've got to cut the spending or raise the revenue," said Michael Scorti.
In terms of creating jobs, Boehner also talked about decreasing the bureaucracy of agencies such as the EPA which he says makes it more difficult for companies to bring their business to the U.S., Boehner also said  passing free trade agreements will create thousands of jobs
"About 250,000 new jobs could be created if we get these free trade agreements passed," Boehner said.

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