Covington City Pools set to open this weekend

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - Tri-State residents are struggling with the early, extreme heat. Covington's City Pools, unlike those in Cincinnati where there were some serious money issues, were cash-fluid. Lifeguards are at the ready. All summer staff positions have been hired.

But they've had to wait for one thing to happen and that was for school to let out. Covington schools got out late this year and that delayed pools getting open.

"All of our staff are high school students or teachers and they didn't get out until June 6," said Ellen Williams with the Covington Parks and Recreation Department. She and fellow staff members were swamped cranking out public pool passes all day Tuesday.

"Right here," Williams pointed to a small gray machine. "I just put them in the little laminating packets."

The passes are laminated, so even if they get wet or go in the pool, they'll be fine.

"I've got the passes," she said waving them in her hand. "And then I've got three guest passes. It's one person per pass, so they can bring up to three people in one day."

"You show an ID," said grandmother Misty Atwood, who added the pools opening are a real blessing for her and her big family.

"Twelve of them," she said proudly.

Yes, that's twelve grandkids she'll be watching off and on this Summer.

"And one great grand baby," she said with a smile.

Like many grandparents, Atwood takes her grandkids to the pool.

"Last year they passed out lunches for the people there at the pool," she said gratefully.

The Randolph Pool on Greenup Street was just filled Tuesday and is good to go. When we drove past it only the day before, it was empty. The baby pool is bone-dry. No word yet on what the status is of the children's swimming area.

And across town in Mainstrasse, the Goebel Pool was just being filled when our cameras arrived.

The pool passes are a great deal for residents and free when you prove you live in Covington.

For Candy Smith, who was laid-off from her job six months ago, the free passes are a God-send.

"Yeah, I think it's wonderful," Smith said. "I have two grand babies that stay with me most of the time and I was like great, let's go sign-up if it will help out."

Kids who are over the age of 18 have to fill out their own forms, but for anyone underage, a parent or grandparent has to fill out the required paperwork.

Diamond Daniels, 10, helped her dad, Michael, with the paperwork. They need a bunch of passes for their big brood.

"Well, I need 8," Michael Daniels said. "I got seven kids and plus me, that's 8 altogether."

All of the student lifeguards go through orientation this Friday and then the Covington City Pools open Sunday the 12th through August 14th. And since we'll be cooking in the heat all this week, we suspect they'll be packed this weekend.

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