Yard Under Water

When Kelley and Jason O'Brien bought their first home last year in South Lebanon - they didn't realize it was waterfront property.

"The neighbors call it the O'Bbrien river," joked Kelley.

Whenever it rains - the family's backyard turns into marshy wetlands. Here's the problem: When it rains - the water runs down a slope in their backyard - where the water sits.

The builder promises to come out and fix the problem - but 13 months later - the O'Brien river still flows.

"Every time I call for the last year they tell me they'll have meetings - meet with new crew. We just need someone to fix yard," says Jason.

Tried of excuses and sloshing around in water - the couple called FOX 19.

"We saw some great stories you do on your station and maybe Tom can help us, too," says Kelley about FOX 19 Consumer Reporter Tom Sussi.

That afternoon - Sussi called the builder. And, within a few days, the company was on the job. The b

uilder tells Sussi they've had problems with work crews - but will take care of this problem. The company plans to improve the grading and drainage systems.
"If you would have told me when I closed that I would have standing water in my backyard a year later I wouldn't have believed you," says Jason.
Because the company is working with the family to fix the problem, FOX 19 will not release its name.