Air conditioning unit repairmen stay busy during heat wave

BLUE ASH, OH (FOX19) - Air conditioning unit repairmen cannot work fast enough. Thompson Heating and Cooling says it has received more than 600 phone calls from clients with a broken AC unit, nearly double the amount in a typical week.

"We are completely slammed. We got this big heat wave that came in obviously and we really didn't have a spring so we went directly into summer," says Josh Battelle, a service technician for Thompson.

Cherie Conover had scheduled a regular tune up for her unit when she realized it wasn't even working properly.

It is 84 degrees on Conover's main floor but upstairs she says it is 90 degrees.

"It's very uncomfortable upstairs but down here it's not so bad, but you do need to have it all the way through the house especially if you are having company," says Conover.

Working to fix Conover's unit and many others, Battelle has been pulling 14 to 16 hour work days. He says this is the earliest he has been this busy with repair calls and there are no signs of stopping.

"We're pretty much booked up through next Tuesday," says Battelle.

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