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Agency checks on elderly in the heat


Whether it's making sure there's cold water in someone's home or that the a/c unit is working, Partners in Prime in Butler County is making house calls; checking on senior citizens in the heat.

"In this kind of weather you need to stay cool, because you never know," said Tim Cornele, a Meals on Wheels driver.

That's why the agency takes special precaution on scorching hot days, having their drivers check on the elderly while delivering their meals on wheels.

"Especially around this time of year, in this heat, that daily check-in is as vital as the meal itself because many times seniors can become at risk, and not even be aware of it," said Christy Quincy with Partners in Prime.

After delivering a meal to John and Candace Cox, Cornele does things like makes sure they have cold water, and that the temperature in their home is safe.

"You do depend on it, because you need it, I can't stand the heat like I could when I was 20," said Candace Cox, of Fairfield Township.

The couple, now in their late 60's, says the heat can sometimes intensify their health problems, and they appreciate the house check.

"We've been through time in our lives when we were really sick, when sometimes that was the only people we saw, week on end," Cox said.

At the next stop on his route Cornele urges 84-year-old Norma Boimann to go inside her home to get out of the heat.

"He's great, he goes and gets my mail and brings it up to me and everything, it's great," Boimann said.

Being home alone during the day, Boimann looks forward to the company and appreciates the concern in such unbearable temperatures

"The air conditioner is always on and I got a fan in my room, and I got one in the kitchen and one in the living room," Boimann said.

"Year round you've got to check on the people all the time," Cornele said.

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