Workers battle heat emergency

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - People across the Tri-State battled a heat emergency Wednesday.

"It's hot out here number one, but we still have to do our job," city worker Joan Clark said.

For workers like Clark in the Cincinnati Traffic and Road Operations Division, the heat is not holding them back.

"Work a little bit, take a break. That's [all] you can do in this heat," Clark said.

"Pretty much the whole day is hot," fellow worker Richard Gill said.

"Dangerously hot, really," Clark added.

"I thought it was kind of crazy, hot as it's going to be and they're putting asphalt down," neighbor Charles Troupe said.

While workers lay down scalding blacktop, mailmen and women are hitting the blacktop to bring letters from grandma and still more are foregoing the AC in the name of progress.

"Pretty hot," construction worker Mitch Scarff offered with a laugh.

Whether construction workers in Newport were down in the dirt like Scarff or up on the roof like Gary White, there was no escaping the sun.

"You've got a view," White offered. "Other than that it's scalding hot."

That view across the river showed a stadium full of Reds fans Wednesday who did not have to paint their faces to sport the team color.

"It's sort of like you're baking in your seat," laughed Reds fan Susan Hatfield.

In fact, the Reds handed our free cups of ice to keep fans hydrated.

"That's smart," Catherine Kennedy said. "I think they're preventing a lot of dangerous situations."

"It's not a good day to be drinking beer I don't think, I think waters a good choice," Hatfield encouraged.

Water quickly becoming a necessity across the area as people wait for cooler temperatures to take hold.

"I hope they get a break," Troupe said of the outdoor workers. "I hope we all get a break!"