Parents meet with city officials about sex offender interacting with girls softball team

William Ide (Source: Electronic Sex Offender Registration)
William Ide (Source: Electronic Sex Offender Registration)

WILMINGTON, OH (FOX19) - Concerned parents met with Wilmington city leaders and police on Wednesday about a Tier II Sex Offender who had been interacting with a young girls softball team.

Parents say that William Ide pitched several games to a coach pitch softball team with girls aged 7-8. The city says it was only one game.

Katie Bryant, a concerned parent, said that parents had confronted Ide before, saying, "he's been aware that he's not to be around kids and then again he came, pitched to the girls and coached."

The parents at the meeting said they do not want Ide around their kids again.

Ide has been issued a no trespass warning by the city of Wilmington, and police are investigating whether he is in violation of his parole.

Police say that Ide was brought in to volunteer by the coach of the softball team, Ide's future sister-in-law Ashley Crampton. Police say that they do run background checks of the coaches paid by the city, but not of the volunteers that occasionally assist the coach.

Crampton has been relieved of her duties as coach of the softball team.

Parents say that they want the city to revise their policy on background checks for volunteers, and that Wednesday's meeting didn't completely put away their fears.

However, parent Billy Grimes says that they still plan on having a fun rest of the season.

"We're just going to make this fun for the kids. It's really just all we can do," says Grimes.

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