Coroner: Man found in Middletown pond drowned

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - The Butler County Coroner's Office determined Friday that the man found in a Middletown pond drowned.

The body of Timothy Lucas, 40, was pulled out of a pond at Smith Park on Tytus Avenue on Thursday. The coroner's office says Lucas' stomach was full of water.

Middletown officials say witnesses saw Lucas dive into the water just before 3 p.m. The area that he dove in to is designated for recreational use only, and swimming is not allowed.

After about 5 hours of searching, divers found Lucas' body in an 18 foot deep part of the water.

Lucas' wife says her husband was drinking before he jumped in the pond. Officials do not know if Lucas was under the influence of alcohol. Toxicology results will not be in for a couple of weeks. According to the Butler County Coroner's office, Lucas did not have any other injuries.

Teams from Task Force One, which consists of members from Hamilton, Butler, and Clermont Counties, were called in to search for the body. Crews say the water is murky, which made it difficult to search for the body. Water in the pond is normally 10 feet deep, but due to recent rain, the water is deeper than usual.

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