Two-year-old falls out of two story window

LOWER PRICE HILL, OH (FOX19) - A two-year-old is in stable condition at Children's Hospital after falling from a two story window Thursday afternoon.

The incident happened around 2:15 p.m. Police responded to a home on the 600 block of Neave Avenue and found out a toddler fell out of a window.

"We have about 7 to ten of these a year, where we go from spring to summer and the weather gets warmer, the windows are open, and children, well, whatever the circumstances are. So what I would ask and what I would offer on advice is pay very close attention to where your children are," says CPD's Russ Neville.

According to police dispatch, when the child fell, her father took her to Children's Hospital. Witnesses say she was conscious and breathing when they left for the hospital.

"I just thought about my kid, that's all I could think about and I was just sitting there like Oh My God," says Sandy Davis, who got to the child minutes after she fell. "She was crying, and the guy came downstairs and picked her up and we called 911 and then they came."

There is no word on how she fell out of the window, but neighbors say they thing she fell through a broken window screen.

"The screens are not no good. The wind blows them out, they've even had to use screws to screw mine in and they still come out," says Davis.

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