Mother gives birth in gas station parking lot

(Courtesy: Jennifer Eckert)
(Courtesy: Jennifer Eckert)
(Courtesy: Jennifer Eckert)
(Courtesy: Jennifer Eckert)
(Courtesy: Jennifer Eckert)
(Courtesy: Jennifer Eckert)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Jennifer Eckert spent the day Thursday recovering after one very eventful night. Her plan to give birth at a local hospital was thrown out the window at 1:15 a.m. when she knew she would not make it to the emergency room doors.

"Just got off the phone with a 26 year old female," a 911 dispatcher relayed over the phone to a neighboring department, "and she's getting ready to have a baby."

Eckert's plan was to have little Annie Rose Eckert delivered at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati.

"Her labor progressed," friend Nicole Vilardo said. "It didn't seem like it was super fast so we just kind of took our time."

Vilardo says when the contractions quickened she and mom-to-be Jennifer Eckert hit the road.

"[We] got in the car to head to the hospital and didn't make it two miles," Vilardo said.

Jennifer's phone call to 911 alerted local EMS workers who were just blocks away from the gas station parking lot.

"We were there within approximately four minutes," shared Lt. Dennis Helcher of Harrison Fire Department in Ohio.

Helcher has been going out on calls for 28 years, but only twice have they ever been for a delivery.

"It's not that often that you get to bring a life into the world or at least help one into the world," Helcher said. "Normally we're getting called for the other side where we're watching them leave."

Helcher never had the chance to deliver a baby, however.

"The mother had actually just delivered as we pulled in the lot," Helcher said.

"She came out crying and pink," Vilardo added with a smile.

Vilardo was supposed to be Jennifer's doula, not her midwife.

"A doula is strictly non-medial labor support," Vilardo explained. "We support women and their choices of birth if that means trying to go natural or in any way shape or form."

Never did she imagine a birth as rugged as the passenger seat of a jeep in the parking lot a popular convenient store.

"A UDF parking lot was pretty natural," Vilardo chuckled. "We laughed. We laughed very hard last night."

As of Thursday evening Eckert expected to be released from the hospital with her new addition by late Friday.