NKY hot spot open after reports of dumping raw sewage into Ohio River

A Northern Kentucky restaurant is now open after they fixed a sewage problem that was dumping raw sewage into the Ohio River.

The Northern Kentucky Health Department says the Ludlow Bromley Yacht Club (LBYC) was not tied into the sewer system, so waste was being dumped directly into the Ohio River.

The Health Department gave LBYC until Friday to fix the problem, or they risked being shut down.

"As far as we're concerned we just want to see compliance," said Ted Tally of the Northern Kentucky Health Department. "At the end of the day if they're no longer dumping untreated waste in the river we're satisfied."

A Public Information Officer with the Ky. Division of Water says results of E. coli testing performed on water samples taken Wednesday upstream from, downstream from and at the Ludlow Bromley Yacht Club are in.

"They are actually well within the limits for primary contact (swimming)," says Allison Fleck in an email to FOX19. "State water quality standards set the limits of E. coli concentrations at 130 colonies per 100 milliliters for primary recreation (swimming). Anything over that means people should not be in the water in that particular vicinity."

The findings at Ludlow Bromley follow:

  • Upstream – 16 e. coli colonies per 100 milliliters
  • Downstream – less than 10 colonies
  • Source -- 21 colonies

"I mean, I'm glad it was low but there's still that issue with the sanitation," Yacht club regular Leslie Chapman said. "Twenty-one may sound low from 130, but it's still there."

The business' owner Steve Gott decided to close early Friday to avoid a possible shut-down by the Health Department if the line was not completed in time.

"Hopefully they won't lose a lot of business but there's other people coming down to eat lunch today that have to go somewhere else just like us," Chapman shared.

The Kentucky Division of Water will not be issuing a Notice of Violation (NOV) for stream degradation but would still consider issuing an NOV based on illegal discharge of wastewater to streams of the Commonwealth.

The Division of Plumbing had to inspect the new lines that connect directly to the sewer. As soon as that was done, they were given the all-clear and have opened their doors to the public Friday afternoon.

"I'm thrilled," Tally said. "For us to go through a week of where we were to: 'Hey, we're going to have a permanent fix' when we were talking temporary at first, I'm very satisfied."

"He has such a thriving business here and everybody talks about it and everybody loves it here," Chapman said. "I really don't think [the sewer issue] is going to have an impact."

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