Pools stress safety in light of recent drownings

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Kids this summer must have a wristband to enter the pool area at the East Butler County YMCA.

Red means you're a non swimmer while a green band means you can swim in deeper pool water.

"Anyone under the age of 6 is getting retested this year, just because skills and slip from just a short time span through the winter," says the YMCA's Julie Vonderhaar.

It's a policy Megan O'Brian likes because one of her daughters has to wear that red band.

"They keep more of an eye on one color over the other, and definitely, there is a big difference this year," says Megan.

Megan also likes the gentle reminders about safety the staff puts out over the loudspeaker a few times an hour. The lifeguards have increased those announcements this summer. They do almost twice as many a day.

"It just helps to reinforce the security of your kids and the safety," says Megan.

"We're doing it to be proactive. We're doing it to prevent anything from happening," says Julie.

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