Former football star tackles transportation for Lakota

Troy Evans
Troy Evans

WEST CHESTER, OH (FOX19) - Now that his days of touchdowns and trophies are over, Super Bowl champ Troy Evans is tackling transportation.

"My mind started going crazy and [I was] thinking about  it and figured maybe I could put some ducks in a row and provide busing for these families," Evans said.
When the Lakota graduate and former UC Bearcat heard about the district's failed levy and the resulting  busing cuts effecting thousands of families including his own brother's, he felt he had to do something.
"Specifically, my family lives within a two mile radius of two different schools that they would be attending, so my wife has to try and get two kids to two different schools," said Brad Evans, Troy's brother, who's a Lakota parent.
"Riding the bus is part of the school system and part of growing up in this country and I believe it that and Lakota is a great school district and they've done all they can, really tightening their budget, if I can help out the school district that I love and I went to and was a part of and help some families out, I'm all on board," Evans said. 
While the pricing options are yet to finalized  the LBS, which stands for Lakota Busing Service, would cost parents about $10 a week per child, with multiple family discounts available.
"That can fluctuate, but we really want to make this something that's a valuable service to the parents and something that's not going to break anyone's bank, we know times are tough," Evans said.
Evans, who culminated his 10 year NFL career with Super Bowl victory playing for the New Orleans Saints, says he hopes the transportation service can get rolling as early as this coming school year.
"I've always stayed really involved with West Chester, with Lakota in general, and this is just another extension of that, provide a service that will really help some of these families out," Evans said.
Evans presented his business concept before the Lakota School Board at Monday's meeting.
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