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Mother of teen who died from binge drinking speaks out

Danetta Kappelman Danetta Kappelman
Karen Kappelman Karen Kappelman

Danetta Kappelman is a reluctant public figure, a woman thrust into notoriety. She now wants to make sure no other teens died the way her daughter did.

Kappelman's daughter, Karen, died on a snowy day in 2010, 12 steps from her home in Walton, Ky. after a night of heavy drinking.

"The message is, if it happened to us, it can happen to anybody," said Danetta Kappelman, the mother of Karen Kappelman. "I want kids to know--don't drink alcohol. Don't give into peer pressure. Drinking alcohol's not fun. It leads to, well, problems and sometimes death."

Karen had been partying with friend who left her outside on that cold night when she passed out.

"Karen wanted to be an exchange student to South Africa. Karen wanted to recycle, Karen liked to visit animal shelters," says Kappelman.

But because of that night, Karen will never see her 16th birthday. She lives now in the memories of her mother, a woman who is working through the grief process as positively as she can.

"Karen had eight shots of alcohol that night within an hour's time. That's not right. For the 20 year old to serve that to her, that's not right," says Kappelman.

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