Amelia may contract police services to Clermont County

AMELIA, OH (FOX19) - Eight Amelia police officers may be looking for new work come 2012 if the village council votes to contract police services to the Clermont County Sheriff's Office.

At the special council meeting Wednesday evening, the discussion will continue and while a decision isn't expected, it can't be ruled out.

"Our preference is to maintain the police department," said Amelia Mayor Leroy Ellington. "Unfortunately, its business and mathematics, we just need to be efficient."

The department currently employs four full time officers, four part time officers and one full time police clerk. The annual budget of $585,000 is completely funded by two separate levies. However, after two straight renewal levies have failed, the village is running out of money to pay for the department.

If council decides to contract the services, those officers can apply for a job with the Clermont County Sheriff's Office, but the department isn't obligated to hire them.

"Our officers would stay with the police department during the transition period," said Ellington.

That period would end either in January or February of 2012.

The special meeting is Wednesday night at 7 p.m.

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