CIRV operating with small budget

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence held an open house Thursday to reintroduce the community to the CIRV Street Advocate Team.

CIRV works to decrease the number of gun-related shooting and combats violence in the streets of Cincinnati.

Started in 2007, CIRV has had success reducing the number of homicides.

"I think we are having a good impact in the community and the communities that we are targeting. The four communities with the highest number of homicides, Avondale,Over the Rhine, Winton Terrace and the West End," says CIRV Program Manager Reggie Brazzile.

CIRV Volunteer Bridget Smith says the group changed her life after the murder of her son in 2008.

"They helped me heal, by me getting out in the streets and passing out the flyers and being there with me they been like big brothers to me," says Smith.

CIRV needs more volunteers like Smith. Last year it's budget was slashed from around $600,000 to less than $190,000, a more than 50 percent cut.

But CIRV says no matter how small it gets the responsibility remains on the street.

"We need men in the community to stand up and continually to speak against violence, we need to quit teaching our boys to be so violent," says Brazzile.

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