Fourth of July fireworks back on in Mason

MASON, OH (FOX19) - Last year the City of Mason announced it was canceling its Red, Rhythm and Boom July 4th event for 2011, but now a Mason company is stepping up to put on a fireworks display for the city.

"When Mason announced they weren't having the Red, Rhythm and Boom they've had for the past several years, we had the same reaction that most everybody did," said Ken Shaner, Marketing Director for Prestige Fireworks. "Then we thought, we're a fireworks company maybe there is something we can do to help."

Prestige Fireworks of Mason is putting on a Fourth of July event with food vendors and fireworks.

"I think it is great, it's great for the community, especially those who have gone out year after year and are home for the Fourth of July and look forward to that," said Deirdre Bunton, Mason resident. "I think it's really great and nice they're doing it for us."

Prestige Fireworks is paying for equipment and insurance cost, but they are welcome to a helping hand.

"Any additional donation at this point will result in a longer show and a better show," said Shaner. "So any business or individual who would like to adopt a shell or contribute can certainly do so."

To donate to the event, contact Prestige Fireworks at (513) 492 7726 or visit their website at

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