Boomer on Palmer, "That Ship Has Sailed"

Cincinnati (Fox 19) Boomer Esiason knows because Boomer Esiason has been there.  The former Bengals quarterback, who once asked Mike Brown to be traded, says he understands how Carson Palmer feels about playing in Cincinnati.  As for the chances Palmer might change his mind and decide to return to the Bengals, Esiason said, "that ship has sailed."

Esiason, who was in Northern Kentucky Thursday at a fundraiser for his foundation, was traded by the Bengals to the Jets in 1993 - a year after he told Bengals management he wanted out.  About Palmer, Esiason said, "It's kind of sad that Carson wants out of Cincinnati but I can totally sympathize with him.  He wants to play football, he just doesn't want to play for the Bengals anymore and that's unfortunate."

Esiason does think "cooler heads will prevail" and Brown will eventually trade Palmer.  The Bengals longtime owner has said on multiple occasions he has no intention of moving his franchise quarterback.

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