City Gospel Mission could soon be on the move

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Since 2003, the City Gospel Mission has wanted to move into a larger facility where they can serve more people. Now they have that chance by moving to the West End.

The mission has been involved in several city planning meetings to reassure the West End community and businesses in the area, the move will benefit the city as a whole.

"We're working to provide a good neighbor agreement that will allow us to assure as much as we can, because we are dealing with human lives, and an individual choice mechanism of what people are going through in life," said Sherman Bradley, Vice President of the City Gospel Mission. "We are providing access for folk and services for folk who really want to change."

Josh Spring, Executive Director of the Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless said he supports the mission's move, but does not support the any kind of city efforts that will force other homeless shelters to move, for re-development purposes.

"If we are simply moving a shelter because it fits the latest political whim, or development plan, that doesn't make sense and we'll be against it every time," said Spring. "We don't believe that people who are homeless are pawns of politicians or developers."

Friday morning the City of Cincinnati Planning Commission did approve to recommend the non withstanding ordinance that would allow the City Gospel Mission to make their move. However that is not the final step, On Tuesday there will be a public hearing to further discuss the non withstanding ordinance, and on Wednesday the City Planning Commission will make a final recommendation.