Board of Elections director put on paid administrative leave

Tippi Slaughter (Source: Facebook)
Tippi Slaughter (Source: Facebook)
James Charles Schmidt Jr (Source: Butler County Jail)
James Charles Schmidt Jr (Source: Butler County Jail)

HAMILTON, OH - Authorities accuse James Charles Schmidt Jr. of breaking into the Board of Elections office  on Sunday and vandalizing it, but elections officials have put two Board of Elections employees on paid leave including Executive Director Tippi Slaughter, who just appointed in January.

"We were treating it has a personnel issue until we had more information, and we did that strictly in fairness to them in light of any allegations, as well as for the protection of the board office," said Board of Elections Chariman Thomas Ellis.
Warehouse worker Chris Hatfield was also placed on paid leave, deputies say the suspect threw a rock threw two rear windows to break into the building , but nothing appeared to be stolen.
"There was some dry wall damage, broken glass and a couple doors appeared to be somewhat damaged, beyond that though, there was no equipment missing," Ellis said.
 Elections officials emphasize that no private information or voting equipment was tampered with.
"Servers and database are totally secure, and there was no damage, or breach of any of that equipment or technical information," Ellis said.
Ellis wouldn't comment any further on what specifically forced them to put the two employees on leave, but authorities believe Slaughter and Schmidt, who's suspected in other break-ins are associated. Court documents show that Slaughter filed and order of protection against Schmidt saying her life was being threatened.
Slaughter also resigned as Treasurer of the Butler County Democratic Party, citing personal matters.
The Board of Elections will hold another special meeting next Thursday to discuss the next steps that will be taken, in regards to the two employees.

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