Group gathers supplies for Joplin tornado victims

Just by looking at the images from Joplin, MO, it's obvious it's going to take awhile to repair all the tornado damage.

Which is why a group came together at Roger Bacon High School on Sunday to help out. They sorted donations for a woman named Michelle Swanson, who lives in Joplin, but has plenty of friends in Cincinnati.

"They had like 25 thousand dollars worth of damage to their home. So we put the message out to 101 friends that we knew Michelle on Facebook," says volunteer Shelly Werling.

The group spent six hours boxing up donated household goods and clothing.

"We're boxing them up, sorting them for the Swanson family and what she is not able to use, they are going to take for the members of their community," says Shelly. "We're going to put it on a truck and send it to Joplin, hopefully by tomorrow."

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