Teen turns bullying experience into positive

Devin Lewis' hair was set on fire earlier this year
Devin Lewis' hair was set on fire earlier this year

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - Devin Lewis, 15, remembers it like it was yesterday. Bullies set his hair on fire on the school bus -- he felt lost and lonely, especially as a freshmen just getting familiar with high school.

"I just felt really sad at that moment, and depressed," Lewis said.
But his reaction quickly turned into action. After that incident in February he helped the school launch an anti-bulling campaign - "Be all you can be, Bully free" - promoting awareness about bullying and the serious repercussions it can have.
"It's helping to raise more awareness about bullying, what exactly it is and how many different ways it happens," Lewis said.
Lewis participated in one of several public service announcements that ran once a week throughout the school district, giving important statistics about bullying, how to identify it and how to prevent it. Lewis says the increased awareness in the district is working and hopes it will help future students avoid what he had to endure.
"Since that started I see that not a whole lot of people have been bothering each other, if they're bullying other people then they need to stop and think about how it's effecting everybody else instead of just themselves, and if they're being bullied they need to go tell someone and not just sit there," Lewis said.
To view the 10 PSA's that ran in the Middletown School District as part of the anti-bully campaign click on the link bellow:

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