Middletown Fire Department could lose 10 positions

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - The Middletown Firefighters Union is working with city leaders to save 10 positions.

Because of state budget cuts, Middletown is facing a $3.7 Million budget hole, and city council wants the Fire Department to cut more than $1 million.

According to the City Council's budget proposal that is being considered, the Middletown Division of Fire would lose 10 full-time positions; including two vacant positions. If the 10 positions are cut, the city would save $998,200, which would make up the majority of the more than $1 million the department must cut.

City Council already voted to cut three vacant administrative jobs at the beginning of 2011, as part of the 2011 budget.

City Council meets June 21 beginning with the housing board meeting at 5:30 p.m. The regular meeting will follow.

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