UC students react to news of tuition hike

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Zach Shumate and his friend Ryan Seminara have been using part of their summer break to figure out their fall finances at the University of Cincinnati.

They even plan to rent an apartment together to save some cash. Both have gotten loans to help pay for school when the campus opens its doors in the fall.

"If you want to be anybody these days, you have to have an education," says Seminara.

The two worry about how they'll make a four year degree happen. In fact Shumate will have a meeting with his loan offer in a few weeks to work out his funds.

"Not really looking forward to talking about borrowing money and paying for it later," says Shumate.

News of the rate hike coming to Clifton this fall did not go over well with these two. They've already been looking at apartments, meal plans, parking permits and more, and are trying to cut costs in the fall.

"It's like the gas industry, everybody has to get an education, so they can price it however they want," says Shumate.

"There's got to be a more efficient solution that just raising the prices every year," says Seminara.

Until there is, these two say they'll be on a hunt to save money any way they can.

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