Cincinnati Bell offering green energy

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati Bell Inc. has partnered with Viridian Energy to launch green retail energy service through Cincinnati Bell Energy.

Available to residential customers that Cincinnati Bell serves in Ohio, Cincinnati Bell Energy provides 100 percent green energy and guaranteed annual cost savings.

"Cincinnati Bell Energy creates a real win-win for our customers, who are saving money while contributing to a cleaner environment," said Darrick Zucco, vice president and general manager of consumer market for Cincinnati Bell.

The launch of Cincinnati Bell Energy comes as a direct result of the deregulation of the Ohio power generation market, which facilitates greater competition and enables organizations to offer consumers new, reliable, and affordable energy options. Under energy deregulation, Ohio consumers can realize greater cost savings and select an alternative energy product without any impact to the delivery or service of their energy.

"Deregulation empowers our customers with the ability to select their preferred energy provider and allows our customers to go green while saving money," said Zucco. "The switch is simple. Customers still receive service and billing through Duke Energy Ohio, but their energy comes from a renewable, sustainable source at a guaranteed annual cost savings through Cincinnati Bell Energy."

For more information about Cincinnati Bell Energy, visit or call 513-566-9999.

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