Power restored after major power outage in Hamilton

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Hamilton, OH (FOX19) - City leaders confirm all customers of the City of Hamilton Electric Department have had their power restored after a major power outage left 20,000 customers without power.

Steven Fields, Sr. Utilities Engineering Technician for the city, said nearly two-thirds of the customers in the city lost power around 1:40pm on Wednesday.

City officials are not sure why power to the entire electric grid in Hamilton was disconnected, but Fields said when crews arrived at the electrical tie station off Gilmore Road on Wednesday afternoon, personnel found a damaged vacuum bottle in a 15 kilo-volt breaker.

Just before 4 o'clock, power had been restored to all but 4,500 customers. Hamilton Electric crews then re-routed electric to restore power to the remaining people that were still in the dark by 4:52p.m.

Sally Thelen, a spokesperson for Duke Energy, said the issue did not involve any of her company's equipment.

Due to this power outage, county government buildings with no electricity closed for the remainder of the business day.

The buildings included: Butler County Care Facility, Government Services Center, Butler County Board of Elections, Butler County Juvenile Court, Butler County Courthouse, Janet Clemmons Center, Court St. Jail and the Animal Shelter. Sent by Butler County Emergency Management Agency.

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