Butler County Sheriff writes letter to Governor Kasich about illegal immigrants

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones
Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones has sent a letter to Governor John Kasich asking the governor to support stricter legislation against illegal immigrants.

In the letter, Sheriff Jones mentions that several states that have already passed laws that "provide remedies for their illegal population." These states include Utah, Indiana, Georgia, and Arizona.

Also in the letter, Sheriff Jones blasts the governor for not making illegal immigration a priority, saying, "Any illegal that is here is here illegally, and while they are here, they are taking jobs away from Ohioans."

Sheriff Jones has established a reputation as one of the country's toughest on illegal immigration. On a recent FOX News list of 'America's Toughest Immigration Sheriffs,' Jones ranked #7.

Jones has been seeking an immigration law in Ohio similar to Arizona's. He even traveled to Arizona to get a first hand look at the state's law.

Kasich spokesperson Rob Nichols responded to the letter, saying, "The governor agrees that we need to do everything we can to create jobs for Ohioans, and he welcomes ideas from the Sheriff and all Ohioans on the fiscal policies, tax policies and the workforce policies like those highlighted by the Sheriff needed to get Ohio back on track."

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