CMHA working on plan to educate housing voucher holders

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority is working on an improved mobility plan to educate housing voucher holders on the wide variety of housing available to them throughout the county.

Currently Section 8 housing is largely confined to certain areas of the county, while many suburban neighborhoods do not contain any residents on the program.

The increased focus on the education of voucher clients and potential voucher-accepting landlords comes after a HUD finding that the Authority was not in full compliance with HUD regulations pertaining to the implementation of their mobility plan.

Local housing advocates say renters using vouchers deserve equal access to desirable neighborhoods with good schools, public transportation, and job opportunities. "People who are on voucher are still people and they have choices just like you do," argued housing voucher recipient Barbara Koerner.

"I think it's going to make a really well rounded community because we're all people. We're just different that's all," shared Janet Brown of Housing Opportunities Made equal. "If we come together that's good. We learn from each other, that's what we do.

While the goal is to encourage voucher recipients to take advantage of the program in areas without a prior history of Section 8 housing, the process will likely be slow.

"People have a tendency to chose neighborhoods where they're already lived, or where they grew up, or work, [that are] close to family members," explained Kelly Kramer with CHMA.

"Not everyone is saying 'lets all go there'," Brown said. "That's not how it is, but the ones that do; they deserve that opportunity."

According to a spokesperson, CMHA will have six months to come up with an improved plan.

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