Reds & Yankees fans react to double header

We wanted to know what was the "mystique" behind the New York Yankees and why both Reds and local Yankees fans were so excited to see the team in town for the double header.

"The mystique," said Tim Barker. "Because they have the most world championships, they have Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, Lou Gehrig, all those famous people."

But Barker's words for the Yankees were not all positive.

"The Yankees don't impress me," he said. "The 2011 Yankees, nah!"

"You don't have that kind of team coming to the Cincinnati area very often," said Susan Kitzmiller.

"They're no 1957 Yankees, that's for sure," said Jeremy Rosenbeck. "Mantle and all those guys."

"I don't know why so many people, who are not from New York, are big Yankees fans," said lifetime Reds fan Joyce Dunham. "I don't know, I think some people just like to root for winners, you know?"

"I live in Chicago now and Leigh lives in Cincinnati," said Carlyn Morris, who was sporting her Yankees gear.

"And I don't know when she became a Yankees fan," laughed her best friend since college, Leigh Hensley. "But I'm very disappointed!"

"If the Yankees don't win, then the planets and the stars are not aligned and everything is not right in the world, that's how it is at my house," Morris said.

"But what is the fascination with this team?," we asked. "I mean, there's lots of great baseball teams like the Reds.

"27 World Series, and the winningest team in baseball," Morris quickly spit-out a laundry list of stats. "I think we're done, dynasty!"

"Don't worry," Hensley said. "She's got Reds clothes too, I've seen them!"

"Hey, I love me some Joey Votto," Morris quipped. "He is the prettiest thing in baseball!"

"I've been a little disappointed in our run production," Dunham said. "And the amount of hits we've been able to get the last few games."

Dunham was attending both the afternoon and evening games.

"That's a lot of time at Great American Ball Park, so we're contemplating what we're going to do, thinking of going over to Newport and killing some time over there, but also keeping our eye on the weather. We have our ponchos just in case!"

"It was a good game though, fun to watch," said Lisa Miller.

"We took off early to come to the game, we really were hoping for a winner," said her friend Susan Kitzmiller. "But hopefully tonight, bring home a winner, we know you will!"

In interviewing dozens of fans from both sides of the dugout, we found people have all sorts of strange allegiances.

"You're from Pittsburgh, so you're like a Steelers and Pirates fan?," we asked Genevieve Lucarelli.

"Well, my family's from Pittsburgh and I'm a Pittsburgh fan."

So, what was she doing sporting Yankees gear?

"I like the Yankees, I like Derek Jeter, but I'm here for him," Lucarelli said, of her boyfriend Travis Herrington. "This is his first time at the ballpark, first time seeing the Yankees."

"It came down to watching a rivalry with the Boston Red Sox in the playoffs about 14 years ago and it just kind of grew on me," Herrington said. "And it's New York, which is the greatest city in America they say, other than Cincinnati, I am a Reds fan too though."

"He's a Yankees fan, but we still like the Reds number two," Lucarelli said.

"We're number two Reds, yeah," Herrington echoed. "Absolutely."

"That's not a New York cab!," yelled Teoflos Zeleke of Liberty Cab Company.

"So, you're Liberty Taxi Cab, Statue of Liberty right there on your logo, but you are not from New York?"

"No, we're not from New York," he laughed. "We're from Cincinnati. Go Reds!"

"It's all about the pitching," laughed Leigh Hensley. "New York did just a little bit better," she said referring to the afternoon game of the double header, where the Yankees beat the Reds.

"Little bit better hitting, little bit better team," joked her friend Carlyn Morris. "Go Yankees!"

Amazingly, Morris is always here for the Reds Opening Day.

"It's the best opening day in the country, hands-down," Morris said. "I'll root for the Reds until they play the Yankees."

Jack Rothwell drove down from Dayton with his two sons for his 70th birthday. It's their first game ever, together and his first trip to Great American Ball Park.

He was sporting a vintage Pete Rose t-shirt from 1985.

"That's the real deal," he said, pointing proudly to his faded t-shirt.

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