Police investigate series of thefts in Deerfield Township

The Warren County Sheriff's Office is investigating a series of thefts around Deerfield Township.

Since June 6, there have been 10 thefts in the area around the intersection of Columbia Road and U.S. 22/SR 3. "I think I'll start shutting my garage doors, and locking my doors even on a nice beautiful day," said one resident on the street.

The thefts occurred in the overnight house from unlocked vehicles parked on driveways to open garage doors. In at least one case, a remote for a garage door opening was believed to have been taken earlier in the evening and used by thieves that night.

The thieves have got away with laptop computers, wallets, sports equipment and bicycles.

Homeowners are urged to remove the items from sight and ensure garages and vehicles are locked before retiring for the night. Bicycle patrols have been assigned and other measures have been taken to target the thieves.

Anyone with information on the offenses should call the Warren County Sheriff's Office at 513-701-1800 or Crimestoppers at 513-352-3040.

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