CAIR releases report of "worst" Islamophobes

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, along with the University of California Berkeley, released a report on Thursday outlining the growth of Islamaphobia in the United States.

CAIR released the report at a press conference in their Cincinnati offices Thursday morning. The report is called Same Hate, New Target. The report is based on available data and interviews with experts, and CAIR says the report provides a definition of Islamophobia, an overview of its growing negative impact in the United State, and lists people and institutions known for promoting Islamaphobia.

The report also details the best of those pushing back against growing anti-Muslim sentiment.

The Executive Director of CAIR-Cincinnati, Karen Dabdoub, spoke at the conference and said Muslims need to get out into their communities to combat stereotypes.

"We need to go out and meet people and talk to people and let them know who we are and what we are...Most Americans don't personally know anybody who's Muslim and that's something that allows for the fear to come in," said Dabdoub.

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