Cincinnati prepares for LULAC convention


The LULAC convention, or League of United Latin American Citizens  will hold its convention in Cincinnati for the first time this year -- organizers says it's not just a benefit for the Hispanic population but the tri-state as a whole.
The convention will feature speakers such as former President of Mexico Vicente Fox, Kathleen Sebelius and Hilda Solis, as well as a performance by Los Lobos at a concert on Thursday.
Speakers will also tackle issues such as immigration reform and health care, organizers say recent census numbers show the Hispanic population has nearly doubled over the past ten years and the convention will act as a resource for a rapidly growing population.
"This has significant meaning not only just for the community itself, as it continues to grow, and we continue to bring the issues that are local that are important here to our local community, but then also it's also important for our region as whole, because these convention generate revenue for our city, and they help us during these tough economic times, to continue going in Cincinnati, and Cincinnati has a strong track record of attraction multi-cultural conventions to the region," said Jason Riviero of LULAC.
There's also several free events open to the public, such as health screenings and the job fair.
The convention is being held July 27-July 1, with the theme "Bridging the Gap: Expanding the Latino Agenda Into New Frontiers." 

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