Cincy Chic fashion show Red, Pink & Blue

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Friday night was the night to sport your red, pink and blue on the Purple People Bridge.

This was Cincy Chic's third big year throwing a fashion show and fundraiser for women.

For a time, you might have thought you were along the Nile River instead of the Ohio River.

It was an Egyptian revival in fashion on the Purple People Bridge.

Seems like everybody wanted to get into the act.

"I can walk like an Egyptian!," laughed organizer and Cincy Chic publisher Amy Scalia, making motions with her arms like the Bangles 80's video.

It was all for a good cause.

"Well, we saw a lot of Egyptian on the runways in New York Fashion Week," Scalia said. "So we wanted to incorporate that and make it even bigger and better with our show on the Purple People Bridge."

Hundreds lined-up outside, ready to watch the pedestrian walkway, get transformed into an Egyptian catwalk.

"It's red, pink and blue, the red is for heart health, the pink is for breast health and the blue is for diabetes," Scalia said. "Three major, huge concerns for women."

All of the elaborate jewelry was hand-crafted by local designers and artisans. Some of it looks like it weighs a ton.

"How heavy is that to wear?," we asked one of the models.

"It's not that heavy," she laughed. "It's light as a feather!"

Those so-called feathers were actually made of lightweight metal.

From the final hair sprays, to getting the look just right, there was a lot of last-minute craziness in trying to pull-off a show this big.

Head gear had to be pinned to the model's heads.

There were plenty of peacock feathers to go-round, but the look was all in the eyes and intricate make-up. Some of the false eyelashes were so long, they could double as a small ski jumps.

From outrageous jewelry, to even wilder hairstyles, one of the model's hair was actually wrapped and braided around cardboard and then glued to her head.

All the designs are from locals.

"And things like Cincinnati Fashion Week and Cincy Chic, they're really helping give a spotlight to local designers," Scalia said. "We have things like UC's DAP program, that really cultivates a lot of designers and then places and events like Cincy Chic's events, they keep those designers here because they now have a place to shine."

Survivors of breast, heart and diabetes issues were honored with VIP seating and even took the stage in red, pink and blue.

And no trip to Egypt would be complete without a throne and Cleopatra's handmaidens inside.

Who needs New York, when we've got it right here?

"That's right," Scalia said. "Cincinnati has great fashion too!"

Last year, Scalia said they raised $5,500.00 dollars. Their goal this year is $7,000.00 dollars.

They had more than 500 people in-attendance. All of the money they raised stays locally, to help women fighting breast, heart and diabetes issues.

We want you to be a part of "Team 19" in the Race For The Cure.

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