Officers suspend search for missing man in Brookville Reservoir

BROOKVILLE, IN (FOX19) - The search for a missing man in the Brookville Reservoir has been suspended for the day. Indiana Conservation Officers plan to resume the search Sunday morning.

Officers are searching for an unidentified man, said to be in his 50s. Police say the man was in a boat with two other people when he decided to go for a swim. The man never came back up from the water. Officers received the report around 2 a.m.

About six conservation officers are on the scene, as well as a conservation detective, and the Franklin County Sheriff Kenneth A. Murphy. The Franklin County Coroner's Office is also there on standby.

Right now, the case is being treated as a missing person or a possible drowning.

Officers are using SONAR equipment. They dove on one target, but it was a false alarm.

Divers had been in the water since around 5:00 am Saturday, and are planning on resuming the search at around daybreak Sunday.

FOX19 will bring you more information as it becomes available.

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